Donald Trump is an illegitimate President, a liar, unfit for office, and a menace to our country. He must RESIGN NOW.


Donald Trump was elected only by colluding with the Russian Government in hacking and propaganda, and through massive voter suppression.

23 women have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment. He bragged about it. He paid no taxes, and bragged about that. He campaigned on a platform of “birtherism,” bigotry and lies.

As President, Trump has been a daily disgrace. He obstructed justice by firing FBI Director Comey. He gave classified information to the Russians, in the Oval Office. His appointments are sycophants and sellouts. He demanded that Congress deny healthcare to millions of Americans. His Twitter feed is that of a raving lunatic. He is pathologically dishonest, narcissistic, ill-informed, impulsive and stupid.

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